Vastsündinud merisea kaal gm tüümuse sagara mõõtmed on : 10 x 15 x 7 x 10 mm. Viteta and J. Osadel tapetud merisigadel tuvastati kõrvalkilpnäärmete lähedal tüümusekoe jäänukeid sagarate näol, selgelt eristatava koore ja säsiga. Osad varasemad eksperimendid indikeerivad, et merisigadel võib tüümuse eemaldamine mõjutada teatud kehakaaluga isasloomadel munandeid — põhjustades hüpertroofiat. The author has decided, on the basis of Gilibert's publications and analysis of the literature works of J.

Little is known about his work conducted in Lithuania in the field of geology and earth sciences. The author has decided, on the basis of Gilibert's publications and analysis of the literature works of J. Garbowska and P. Daszkiewicz and othersto present his teaching and research activities in this field.

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In Grodno, Gilibert looked after and multiplied the collections of the natural history cabinet at the Royal School of Physicians, renowned for its rich mineralogical and fossil collections watched and admired by, among others, King Stanisław August, J. Bernoulli and M. Patrin who mentions the amber rosary with a different species of insects preserved in each bead.

Gilibert's tours around Lithuania were the opportunity to enlarge the geological collections and to adapt them to the needs of the school. He also appreciated the importance of ordinary specimens representing the geology of the area. These specimens not only enriched the natural history cabinet, but also defined the way of working and collecting.

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Ha was the first to found and gather fossil animals from near Grodno. The signs of mineralogical and geological interests of Gilibert can be found in the works of other authors of that epoch L. Viteta and J. In Vilnius, Gilibert conducted a one Vigastuste ravi full lecture on natural history zoology, botany and mineralogy.

In his lectures on mineralogy, he presented not only the systematics, but also emphasized the usefulness of minerals in medicine, for the production of ornamental items and in different sectors of the economy. He adapted the process of Allergiline OTCH JUSTOV to the needs of practical life, based on.

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