Aasta-aastalt suureneb nii haigete vastsündinute kui ka haiguste arv elusünni kohta. Konveieri kõigil osalistel on kas halb või väga halb. Nädal aega hiljem oli ta endiselt haiglas ja polnud selle aja jooksul kordagi voodist tõusnud.

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Prints Estonian Health Insurance Fund covers the costs of health services required by the person in case of illness. Our mission is to cover the costs of 1,2 million people for their health services, to help prevent and cure diseases, finance the purchase of medicinal products and medicinal technical aids, and provide the benefits for temporary incapacity for work and other benefits.

Read more about us If you have a health problem, visit your GP! The first contact of a person with health concerns in the health care system Haige harja harjad his or her family doctor or family nurse.

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Read more about family physician Early detection of breast cancer In we invite women who are born in,and Read more about screenings Get screened for cervical cancer In we invite women who are born in, and Get screened for colon cancer In we invite women and men who are born in,and Read more about screenings If you need medical advice, call family physician information line! Read more about information line Children are entitled to free dental care All citizens who are under 19 years old can get free dental care from dentist who have contract with EHIF.

Ask your pharmacist for the cheapest medicine! Medicines with the same active ingredient are equally high quality and safe.

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